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  • Vinpearl’s Teddy Bear Museum to be inaugurated in Phu Quoc

    PHU QUOC, Vietnam (April 14, 2021) – Vietnam’s first teddy bear museum is set to open on April 21 at Vinpearl’s latest tourism complex, Phu Quoc United Center. A franchise of the South Korean chain Jeju Teddy Bear Museum, Teddy Bear Museum Phu Quoc United Center is the eighth of its kind in the world. Located at the centre of the ‘sleepless city’ Grand World, the museum spans a total area of 1,500m² and hosts more than 500 handmade teddy bears.


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    Arriving at the entrance gate, guests are greeted by a giant 15-metre high teddy bear statue, a signature sight at all Teddy Bear Museums around the world. Inside are Indiana Jones-inspired adventures, starring teddies set in South America, ancient Egypt, Atlantis, and more. 

    The museum’s special Vietnamese displays feature teddies wearing traditional ao dai and conical hats in Hue, cruising around Ha Long Bay, as football fans cheering the national football squad on, or enjoying a vacation at Vinpearl.

    Guests can join interactive games, DIY workshops, create live sketches, or relax at the Teddy Bear Cafe downstairs after checking out the exhibitions.  With this new attraction at Grand World, Vinpearl hopes to welcome more visitors to the ‘sleepless city’ Phu Quoc United Center and make Phu Quoc Island a must-visit destination in Asia.

    Update day: 14/04/2021
    Update day: 14/04/2021

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